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um who wants to be in a band and get famous and be perfect cause i do. Y AM I NOT COOL.

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Turn Your Face by Little Mix is my favorite song i love it so much and when I try to sing Perrie’s part i kill it but ok well i love it still.

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idk but i love those stories where Zayn comes to Nialls rescue because hes upset or hurt or something idec shut up leave mE  ALONE I DONT  NEED  U 

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She captures her reflection when she throws the mirror to the floor,Her image is distorted screaming is it worth it anymore?

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Listening to Perries voice and then listening to mine…..


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Zayn I bought little mixs album today
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DANCE RECITAL SOON WOO. Excited for our lil trio with my girls :)
Ziall Continue?

I’ve Got Nothing

It has been a month since the break up. Nothing has been the same without Niall. He was my everything, my world, and I let him go. He told me that he wanted to see other people. That the feelings were dulling and we didn’t see each other much. He said that we were way too different and opposite and we couldn’t agree on anything. He was right, we did fight quite a bit, but we always made up. I always told him I was sorry, and that I loved him. Which i did and still do. But i just nodded, watched him pack his things and I let him go. That was the biggest mistake of my life. I should have stopped him from walking out that door. Now here I am, crying everyday and night without my Niall by my side. 

Zayn was laying down on his stomach, burying his face into his pillow, trying to forget about the day. Today would have been their one year anniversary. It seemed nothing Zayn did could ever take his mind off of the blonde boy. Everything he did reminded him of his love. Tears were forming in his eyes once again, as he tried to shake the thoughts out of his head. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Zayn groaned knowing who it was already. Slowly he crawled out of bed, trying to feel his way around in the dark room. He sauntered his way down stairs taking his sweet time, not eagerly wanting to open the door to face them. When he reached his unwanted destination, he turned the knob and the door creaked open. Stood on Zayn’s front porch was Louis, Liam, and Harry. Louis held Harry’s hand as Liam was patting his shoulder, inviting himself in. Louis and Harry followed suit and made their way to the kitchen. Zayn rubbed his damp eyes, and ran a hand through his terrible bed head and trailed after them. Liam was taking off his coat as Louis was looking through his cupboards, He was guessing for glasses or something. Liam smiled at him and sighed. “Zayn, you look like shit man, when’s the last time you’ve showered?” he questioned. Zayn just shrugged yawning and taking a seat next to Harry. He backed away from him as soon as he sat down wrinkling his nose at him in disgust. Zayn raised an eyebrow at him wondering why he was acting so strangely. “You reek Zayn, maybe you should shower or change your clothes or something.” Zayn groaned in annoyance, softly banging his head on the table,to make a sound but not hard enough to hurt himself. “Why? What’s the point?” he groaned. Louis jumped his way over to Zayn with a huge smile on his face. “We’re going out tonight Zayn! And you’re coming with, no matter how much you don’t want to!” He beamed patting Zayn on the back enthusiastically. Zayn just brought his head up and banged it on the table again, this time causing a bit of pain, but not as painful as Louis’ voice and attitude at the moment. He could hear Liam huff at him across the room. “Would you stop it and pick yourself up. Zayn you’re a mess, and this isn’t healthy for you to be obsessing over Niall like this!” he scolded. Zayn just lifted his head up a bit to glare at Liam, before sliding out of his chair to stomp up the stairs and clean himself up, for a night he wasn’t looking forward to. 


I’ll continue if people actually are reading this and want me too.


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